Bone Bons Bahama Mama Bakery Cookie - All proceeds Benefit The Dogs Of The Bahamas
Bone Bons Bahama Mama Bakery Cookie - All proceeds Benefit The Dogs Of The Bahamas

Bahama Mama Bakery Cookie - All proceeds Benefit The Dogs Of The Bahamas

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All proceeds Benefit The Dogs Of The Bahamas


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Artisan style grain free dog biscuits, handmade from scratch in small batches using 100% organic ingredients, locally sourced.


  • Made and Sourced in the U.S.A.
  • Grain Free made with Bean and Coconut Flours - NO Wheat, Rice, Corn or Soy
  • Frosting made with Yogurt - No Sugar, Oil or Shortening in our Frosting
  • We use ALL natural food coloring made with fruit, spice and vegetable colors. 
  • Handmade from Scratch in a Kitchen, not a Factory
  • No Fillers, By-products, Preservatives, Additives, Chemicals,
    Pesticides, GMO (genetically modified organisms), Artificial
    flavors, Salt, Sugar or Unnatural Ingredients of any Kind!


Around this time last month we were all huddled around our tvs pulling out our hair over a storm called Dorian. Many of us let out a huge sigh of relief when we found out we were going to be lucky and come out of this one unscathed. The Bahamas unfortunately weren’t as lucky. We continued to sit and watch, horrified as Dorain gave the Bahamas everything it had. But one amazing story rose above all the bad, one amazing woman and 97 dogs!
Chella Phillips runs a rescue down in Nassau, Bahamas. This year marks the 4th year since it began, though Chella’s been involved with the rehome of these pups for over 15 years! She's also credited with saving over a 1,000 dogs! What many people don’t know is how overwhelmed the islands are with stray dogs. So when Dorian set its sights on her home and animals Chella knew she had to act quick. Scooping up as many strays as she could off the streets of Nassau and piling them in her home Chella made sure she could keep as many as safe as possible. With little thought to space or how they would all get along she managed to save 97 dogs with 79 of them in her bedroom alone! Miraculously through the many hours of the storm, all the dogs got along just fine and as she stated on her facebook page not one got onto her bed! They stayed barricaded inside even when the wind was howling and the water started to come in through the windows! By creating a comfortable atmosphere she continued to try to stay as calm and relaxed as she could to keep the animals the same. For as long as possible Chella blasted the A/C and played music throughout her home to try to drown out the sounds from the storm until the power went out. Many accidents were cleaned up and a lot of food was gone through but her and 97 dogs were safe. When the storm finally passed and the devastation was assessed her sanctuary had definitely taken a hit. Dog houses, tents, and crates were destroyed and she only had so much food to go around. When she reached out to her followers on facebook many jumped at the chance to help. Since the storm Chella has rehomed many of the pups from that storm with the help from people all over including rescues here in the states. But one things for sure this woman made a huge difference in these pups lives and without her they certainly wouldn't have made it out from the storm!
Now Chella and many more dogs still need our help. We spent a little while tossing back and forth ideas on what we could do to help this amazing woman. That's when we decided on our new Bahama Mama Cookies. These fun little cookies, in the style of their namesake, are on sale right now and 100% of all of the proceeds will be going to to Ms. Phillips and her rescue The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahamas! Available now online or instore to help Chella make a difference in all of these dogs lives.

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