Primal Pet Foods Primal Raw Meaty Bones Chicken Necks 6 Pack
Primal Pet Foods Primal Raw Meaty Bones Chicken Necks 6 Pack

Primal Raw Meaty Bones Chicken Necks 6 Pack

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Dogs & cats have a set of solid molars and extremely strong jaws that enable them to crush and chew raw meaty bones such as necks, backs, wings, ribs and carcasses, allowing them to acquire and easily assimilate calcium essential to skeletal health. Our full line of raw meaty bones can be fed as a supplement to daily meals, or as a treat to enhance tooth, gum and jaw health. 
*Raw meaty bones are meant to be completely consumed. These bones are considered "soft bones" and do not splinter but should always be fed under human supervision.


Chicken Neck.



Crude Protein (min) 14%
Crude Fat (min) 16%
Crude Fiber (max) 0.2%
Moisture (max) 66%



Chicken Meat, Fat and Bone100% 
Bone Content ≅ 10%
CA-to-P ratio 1.61:1



  • Chicken necks can be fed up to 30% of your pet's daily ration.
  • Always monitor your dog when feeding raw meaty bones.
  • Raw meaty bones can be completely consumed.

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