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Our story began over 17 years ago when we lost our beloved Rottweiler Louise to cancer.  We began researching nutrition and the foods that claimed to be premium and we were horrified and betrayed when we learned the real truth about the pet food industry.  At that moment we knew we had to do something to help as many animals as we could live a long healthy life by creating awareness of what we are really feeding our pets.  


In 2003 we opened the doors to Louise’s Pet Connection Natural Pet Market.  We committed ourselves to carrying only the best for our pets and to help as many animals as possible.  We believe in the holistic approach to our animals well being and will use our experience, knowledge, the input of nutrition experts, and holistic veterinarians to provide expert advise on your pets’ nutrition.  We want everyone that shops at Louise’s to know we will scrutinize everything we put on our shelves and we will not sell anything that we would not offer to our own pets.


Since we opened our doors we have seen a lot of changes in the pet world both good and bad but here at Louise’s we are still striving to help as many animals as we can.  One of our main goals was to hold true to our ethics and only sell food and products we trust and believe in, and we can proudly say we have and will continue to do that no matter what. Our customers have seen a lot of different foods come and go, it doesn’t matter how much we may have sold, if the food is compromised in any way we will immediately stop ordering/selling it.  


Our loyal customers have given us a chance to help and save many animals along the way and for that we are extremely grateful.  While we have been rewarded by knowing we have helped so many customers with their animals we have also been able to help save countless others who have not had homes or would have seen a far worse fate.  We currently have a full sanctuary of our own at home where the animals that we have taken in can live out the rest of their lives safe and secure.  We do not adopt out or ask for donations but simply rely on our loyal customers to support our store. 


In 2017 we incorporated online shopping bringing our neighborhood local pet market to everyones door along with all of the same commitments and ethics that have made Louise’s what it is today.  Through the years we have always been asked why don't you franchise, the answer to that question is simple we never wanted to lose control of or be just another store/franchise.  Our ethics are our own and we couldn't expect other owners to hold true to that.  Most stores would not pull a food just because they didn't trust it if they were making money on it but we do and that is what makes Louises a place that you can trust.  Going online has truly given us the opportunity to help even more pets not just at our current location but anywhere we could have opened another Louise’s


The Appreciation we receive from our customers lets us know that they trust us with their pets nutritional needs and believe in our commitment and that is the greatest reward of all.  We look forward to making a lot of new friends and many more years to come.  We will continue to scrutinize everything we put on our shelves or sell online and will only provide the best for you and your pet.  Our family thanks you again for your trust and support, we couldn’t do it without you. 


Louise’s Pet Connection Natural Pet Market

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