It Matters What You Feed Your Dog and Cat

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It Matters What You Feed Your Dog and Cat

If someone told you the best thing you could eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday for the rest of your life was a burger and fries from McDonalds your immediate reaction would probably be disbelief.

If someone told you the best thing you could eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday for the rest of your life was a burger and fries from McDonalds your immediate reaction would probably be disbelief. It goes without saying that we’d probably look at that person in disgust because we know for sure how bad that would be for our bodies and health. As humans we know for certain which foods and ingredients we should stay away from because of the damage they can cause to us and our health in both the short and long term. So why do so many people not question the ingredients that make up their pets' diets? Our animals are already at a disadvantage when it comes to what goes into their bodies because they have no choice in the matter. It's up to us as responsible pet parents to make sure what we give them is the best and healthiest foods for them.

Mass produced commercial pet food is lacking in many areas. A lot of companies will mention meeting certain certifications for their foods but this essentially means nothing.  Poorly processed dog food is a lot like human processed food in that it's filled with additives and preservatives. Many of these foods are full of carbohydrates and sugars used as fillers that your pets don’t need. An excess of these sugars in your pets diet can feed things like cancer and cause blood sugar issues along with mood swings in your animals. Your pets need meat to survive and thrive. The meat in these commercial foods meet very low standards called feed grade quality. This quality of meat is not fit nor is it safe for human consumption but to these companies its just fine to put in your pets bowls. This type of protein is coming from the lowest quality of meat otherwise known as the 4D’s which is dead, dying, diseased and disabled animals. Another ingredient commonly found in these foods are byproducts. Byproducts consist of inedible parts of animals such as hooves, hair, feathers etc. Sounds delicious right? It's also important for your pets' protein sources to be hormone free and antibiotic free as well. Sourcing and quality matter and it's important to note that anyone can make a label or bag look good which is why it's so important to trust the companies you’re feeding as well. None of the food we carry or recommend will ever have any of these ingredients as we only carry true meat based companies with hormone free and antibiotic free sourcing and of course only carry food from companies we trust. Keeping your pets diet clean and free of harmful additives is imperative to their health and wellbeing. 

How you feel completely correlates to what you eat. If you eat poor quality food you feel awful and have no energy. It’s the same when you feed a poor quality diet to your pets. Feeding a diet full of high processed food heavy in carbs and fillers will negatively impact your pets emotionally and physically. There are many signs to show your pets diet might be in need of improvement. Dry skin, bad breath, poor digestion, skin allergies, aggression, depression, and excessive grass eating are just a few examples of this. Keep away from ingredients like corn, wheat and soy which are ingredients used in many commercial foods that can cause big issues. Corn is something pets can't digest and is completely useless for your pets nutrition. Soy causes many issues in animals and can lead to things like hypothyroidism, allergies and seizures. Just like with humans, staying away from genetically modified foods is important to a healthy diet. When your pets' food lacks proper nutrients and vitamins their bodies will eventually start to fall apart on them. That can mean weak bones and joints, problems processing their foods or more severe health issues. A healthy diet means a healthy pet ready to take on the world.

Your pets diet impacts every aspect of their health from their bones and joints to their skin, allergies, digestion, and overall well being. Ensuring that your pet is getting the best nutrition possible and giving them a variety of ingredients in their bowl will help keep them happy and healthy for many years to come.


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