Don't Shop, Adopt! Help an animal in need!

Don't Shop, Adopt! Help an animal in need!

One of the biggest reasons to adopt is the fact that you're actually changing an animal's life. Not just changing but actually saving their life in most cases!

From the moment you step into our store you can instantly tell we love animals! A quick look behind our counter will show you many of the furry faces we’ve loved and helped throughout the years, some of our very own rescues. Rescuing is something we strongly believe in and encourage over buying a pet from a pet store. But why should you adopt instead of shop for your next furry friend?

One of the biggest reasons to adopt is the fact that you're actually changing an animal's life. Not just changing but actually saving their life in most cases! You make a difference in not just one pet's life but many too. By adopting a pet from a shelter you're also helping to make space for other animals in need and giving them a chance for their forever home. It’s estimated that over a million dogs and cats are euthanized in the US each year simply because shelters are overflowing and not enough people consider adoption as an option. The good news is that this number is actually lower than in years past. With programs in place to help with spaying and neutering this greatly reduces future shelter animals.

We’ve been asked many times why we don’t believe in selling animals and the honest reason is we don’t believe in profiting off the lives of animals. When you purchase a pet from places like pet stores, flea markets, or even online retailers you are most certainly getting a pet from a mill or factory style breeding facility! What this means is that these animals whether their puppies, bunnies, cats etc are usually coming from shockingly poor conditions where the parents are mistreated and the animals are just dollar signs.

These facilities put money above animal welfare. Places like these don’t care about the inhumane conditions they put these animals through and keep them and their babies stuffed in cages to be bred over and over again for years. In a lot of cases these parents end up being sent to shelters when they're no longer useful along with any babies that aren’t up to “par”. Unfortunately these places stay in business through deceptive behavior and false information.

It's important to note that good breeders do exist and are out there. But a good breeder isn’t going to be selling to a pet store. They won’t have multive breeds and litters, and they will most definitely be more selective in who they sell an animal too. Seminole County in recent years has actually passed laws to stop the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores to help stop these deplorable situations. It's a first step with still many steps to go to give these animals a voice. 

Shelter and rescue animals are full of love and happiness to give, they just need a chance! We always hear people say that only bad animals or ones with issues end up in shelters but many of these pets have ended up in these situations at no fault of their own. Humans are usually the problem but we can also be the solution. A common misconception about rescuing is that shelters are full of only large breed or mixed breed dogs. This couldn't be further from the truth as purebreds and puppies from all sizes can be just as commonly found.

If you want an animal that already knows a thing or two, an adult or senior will be perfect. As we always say with a puppy or kitten you really don’t know what you’re getting but with an adult pet what you see is what you get. This makes bringing them home and adding them to your family an even easier transition. It’s not just dogs and cats in need of homes, shelters are full of rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, and even pigs! There's truly the perfect pet for everyone. Using sites like can be immensely helpful by showing you the pets in all the rescues and shelters in your area. Of course nothing beats an actual visit to your local shelter! 


By adopting a pet you can be sure you are making a difference in a pet's life. Whether they come from a rough home or were just left and forgotten about these animals deserve a second chance. When you adopt the money you pay goes directly into helping shelters better care for all the animals they take in. If you ask me, that's money well spent. So help us give these animals a voice and when the time is right for you to bring home a new family member don’t shop, adopt!



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