How To Keep Your Pets Hydrated!

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How To Keep Your Pets Hydrated!

Making sure your pets stay hydrated is important all year round! Whether it's warm or chilly outside, pets need water to stay happy and healthy! But what does hydration mean and why is it so important for your pets?

Making sure your pets stay hydrated is important all year round! Whether it's warm or chilly outside, pets need water to stay happy and healthy! But what does hydration mean and why is it so important for your pets?


Hydrating is important to animals much like it is for humans. Water is essential for the body and carries vital nutrients in and out of cells throughout the body. Water also aids in digestion and the absorption of nutrients. When your pet is drinking the appropriate amount not only are they quenching their thirst but they are also regulating their body temperature, lubricating their joints, improving heart function and cushioning the brain and spinal cord. If your pet isn’t getting enough water they will become dehydrated. Dehydration is incredibly dangerous and can lead to organ damage and even death! Which is why keeping your pets hydrated is so critical.


During the warmer months of the year pets are more likely to consume copious amounts of water, whereas in the cooler months they are much less likely to continue drinking as much as they should. It’s always important to keep their thirst quenched. This means taking an extra bottle or two when leaving the house with your pet or always making sure their water bowl is full. Some people withhold water to keep accidents from occuring when they're out or asleep. This is a huge mistake and can lead to urinary infections and larger problems down the line. It's vitally important to always have fresh water available for your pets!


Water is crucial to your pets well being but there are so many ways in which your pets can get more moisture. Some of the best ways to get more moisture into your animals is through the use of canned food, raw food, goat milk, or bone broth. Cats can be especially difficult to keep hydrated. Unlike dogs they aren't meant to continuously drink water throughout the day. This means it's even more important that their normal diet is rich in moisture whether that be canned or raw food. But some animals no matter their species are just not big water drinkers. That's where the need arises for canned, raw, goat, or bone broth. Canned food is incredibly moist and easy to add to any pet's diet. You can simply add a dollop or two right onto their food or switch up a meal entirely. Raw food is also a great source of moisture, the reason being that nothing has been cooked out of it or destroyed which means your pets can break down and absorb more nutrients and water. Raw goat milk can be a kick of hydration but it's also full of nutrients. Adding raw goat milk to your pets diet has many benefits as well since it's full of probiotics, enzymes, minerals, electrolytes and fatty acids and with added ingredients like cinnamon, turmeric and ginger it's sure to be a hit with even your picky pets. Bone Broth is another great way to keep your pets hydrated. Dogs and cats alike love the taste and best yet it's also perfect for their joints and digestion. It is especially rich in glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid. When using canned food, raw food, goat milk, or bone broth you can add them directly to your pets normal meals as a topper or serve it as a delicious treat. You can even get creative to help cool your pets off or add in some beneficial fluids to keep them hydrated by turning them into pupsicles.


Hydration is important whether it be for humans or animals!  Using raw goat milk, bone broth, or even changing up their diet is the perfect solution to ensuring your pets stay hydrated. Not to mention how easy it is to do so! Making sure your pets get the best diet is already a priority so it’s time to make your pets hydration one too!


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