National Adopt-A-Cat Month Happening Meow!

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National Adopt-A-Cat Month Happening Meow!

The old saying goes that cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt and they haven't forgotten it. These regal creatures are elegant one moment and silly little clowns the next. They capture our hearts with their soft purrs, head bonks, and slow blinks. To have a cat is to truly like having a little lion living in your home.

However, many people are surprised to find how much cats reproduce. In fact, according to statistics, two cats and their kittens can produce almost a half a million cats in 7 years. Unfortunately, many never become socialized and are feral, while too many others end up in shelters waiting for their homes.

The summer months are typically the time of year that is known as "kitten season". June is considered the peak month for kitten season when most kittens are born. For this reason, June was chosen as Adopt-A-Cat month. Adopt-A-Cat month was created to showcase how many wonderful cats and kittens and help them find homes.

Choosing to adopt a cat is a celebratory occasion. Adding to your crew, whether this is your first cat or your third, should be a wonderful time, but it can often be a little stressful as everyone adjusts to the new addition.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Sure, kittens are completely adorable balls of fur with boundless amounts of energy. But they take work and older cats often get overlooked. However, some people want the feeling of a lifelong attachment to their furbaby. Think about the pros of and cons of each and decide if an adult cat or kitten will best fit in with you and your lifestyle.
  • If you're adopting one cat, and have no other pets at home, you might consider adopting two. Cats are often thought of as loners, but they are actually social creatures.
  • Just like you baby-proof a home for a new baby, you want to make sure you cat-proof your house for your new cat. Make sure that there aren't any wires that they can chew or small items they may eat. Also be aware of any houseplants that are toxic to cats
  • Everyone should be on board when it comes to adopting a new cat or kitten. After all, it's a lifelong commitment. Make sure your spouse or partner is a willing participant.
  • Along those same lines, be prepared for the financial burden of your new furry companion. Think of long-term vet bills, cost of food, grooming, and supplies. Ensure you have the budget for them.
  • Get all your supplies beforehand. Gather a checklist of what you will need for a new kitten or cat and have it on hand before you bring the new family member home.
  • If you have other pets, consider how you will introduce them. There are ways to ease the transition when your new addition meets the cat or dog that already live there.
  • Provide plenty of these scratch pads. Cats instinctively want to sharpen their claws. Give them the right way to do it by making sure you have lots of scratching posts. Don't consider declawing your cat. Declawing is a very painful and cruel act that can actually cause emotional stress for the cat.

Cats add so much to our lives. They make us laugh and they comfort us with their purrs. Those of us that have been owned by cats, can't imagine life without them. DaVinci said that "the smallest feline is a masterpiece". We could not agree more.


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