What is CBD and What is it Good For?

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What is CBD and What is it Good For?

The thunder rolls and the lightning strikes another sleepless night for a pet hiding from a storm. Whether your pet suffers from storm stress or separation anxiety one thing is for certain you need help getting it under control

The thunder rolls and the lightning strikes another sleepless night for a pet hiding from a storm. Whether your pet suffers from storm stress or separation anxiety one thing is for certain you need help getting it under control  Maybe you have a pet suffering from arthritis. You’re already using Glucosamine and chondroitin to build them up but your pets are still showing signs of discomfort. For the most part these two issues have absolutely nothing in common but the road to solving them ends with the same thing. CBD oil.

What is CBD oil? CBD is one of over 60 compounds found in the cannabis plant that belong to a class of molecules called cannabinoids. Unlike THC, which you want to avoid in your pets products, it is non-psychoactive. This means it won't cause your pet any hallucinogenic effects and they will not be negatively altered in any way. However, not all CBD products are created equally.

 Like with all of our products quality matters and with CBD this is even more important. Our CBD products come from a company called Nature’s Pet Herbals. Their CBD contains the highest grade full-spectrum CBD. They extract their CBD by utilizing CO2 and crystallization to ensure their products are in their safest, cleanest, and purest form. These products are actually medical grade, pesticide free and come from the whole plant not just the stem and seeds. Giving your pet the highest quality will ensure they get the maximum benefit from it.

Like for people CBD products are used for a wide array of issues. For your pets CBD is shown to help with aggressive behavior, arthritis (pain and inflammation), anxiety, loss of appetite, allergies, cancer and even seizures.

Pain is something we’re all familiar with. Dogs and cats alike can experience different degrees of pain especially as they age. People aren't the only ones who suffer from arthritis and joint pain. CBD interacts with receptors in the brain,  the central nervous system and organs throughout the body to act as an anti-inflammatory. This means in addition to aiding the joints CBD is also great for treating nerve related pain, reducing oxidative stress, and intestinal inflammation. CBD has also been known to help reduce or slow cancer symptoms.  Studies have shown it can benefit your pets system by slowing the growth of malignant tumors. For pets suffering from nausea or a lack of appetite CBD has been found to help increase a pets appetite and ensure they get back to eating their normal amounts in no time. 

Perhaps you have a pet that suffers from epileptic seizures. Studies have also shown CBD can be incredibly effective in reducing the occurrence of these fits. In fact, many pets experience a significant drop in the number of seizures they experience and the CBD also keeps their liver happy and healthy unlike the many drugs recommended. Eliminating any chemicals or toxins your pets are exposed to will also greatly benefit them. 

The most common use of CBD is for pets suffering from stress and anxiety. When CBD is introduced to the body it automatically knows where it's needed and starts its job fixing the problem. When interacting with the receptors in the brain it's been said to help with serotonin signals which are essential when alleviating anxiety and aggressive tendencies. Pets who are known to be high strung or those who suffer from separation anxiety, depression, or noise phobias have been known to relax and make it through their particular stressor with the addition of CBD to their system. CBD helps provide these animals with an overall sense of calm and wellbeing while also ensuring your home stays intact and your pets stay safe. 

CBD when used with animals can come in a variety of forms such as oil, treats, soaps and salves. Depending on what you’re using it for, each one has its own benefits.

When dealing with skin issues or arthritis many people use the salve regularly either alone or in conjunction with the oil and soap. For many pets suffering from more constant issues like anxiety, using the oil directly in their mouth or food is recommended. When using the oil it's important to remember consistency is key. It’s vital for these pets especially, because you want to ensure the CBD is staying in their system and for some pets it can take a few doses to really see its effects. For others whose issues aren't as frequent CBD in its treat form can be perfect to use as needed.

Every pet is unique as can be their needs so whether your pet is suffering from a particular issue or you just want to promote an overall sense of health and well being incorporating CBD products into your pets life can make a difference. The holidays are right around the corner so let's be prepared with CBD to keep our pets comfortable and secure whether they suffer from an illness, pain or anxiety.  We know it can be confusing with all the choices in products and weight dosing so don’t be afraid to reach out for advice.


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